The biggest gift of yoga practice

As we approach the holidays, it only seems natural to begin considering the New Year. I have never been one to make a list of resolutions, not exactly sure why. I think it just seemed like a list of things I was not going to do.  However it is palpable that with the New Year comes the opportunity for new ideas, fresh starts and creating a pathway for growth. This year I am excited to bring to life something I have felt passionately about sharing. With the launch of Homegrown Power Yoga, I am committed to building relationships that will grow and impact our community.  It was a long time goal of mine to offer quality yoga classes, coupled with excellent childcare so that parents would have the benefit of practicing yoga, and the yoga would have a direct impact family life in a positive way. I am happy to announce a partnership with NoVA PlayLabs, where I will be leading classes and PlayLabs will be supporting with excellent childcare.

The biggest gift of this yoga practice, is that it continually brings me to see my life as it is, and to love my life as it is and most importantly to create my life with what I have.

This year, I am committed to see who is standing in front of me, and really get that who is showing up, what is showing up, is all showing up for a reason.

This year I invite you to join me in really taking this on. The world we live in, is the way it is, in part because of each one of us are the way we are.  This year I am giving way to what is, and standing true to a commitment to grow, connect and sustain.

If you are still reading this, I know you are IN.

Please take a moment and consider your connection to what you are reading, and share right now, take action!

– Alison Adams