Big Dream

Over the years I always had a vision of what I wanted, and yet the ‘how I get to this big dream’ kept me from starting. It never seemed like the right time; the kids, the right location, the money wasn’t there.  There has been a list of reasons why not and until now the fear of failing has kept me out of the game. To some, the reasons may sound reasonable. To me I knew I was holding back, waiting for the right time, waiting for for the risks of this failing to be, well less risky! Truth is, this has been my whole practice. I remember once during teacher training with Baron, Baron said “Why are you here? You need to go and teach. Stop being so stingy. Just share, share what this practice has given you” and I did.

Today I am excited to welcome you to Homegrown Power Yoga, come and share with me as we all grow together.

– Alison Adams

Alison Adams
HPY Founder & Teacher