Mie's Incredible Yoga Story

Mie HPY student

What is it that keeps you coming back to Homegrown Power Yoga?

There are so many things that keeps me coming back... when I first started, I only saw yoga as another form of exercise. Now I keep coming back, not only for the physical wellness, but also for the emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. The questions and the flow keeps me grounded in life, in my relationships, in my work... and it lifts me up. I keep coming back because I realized that it’s important to care for myself to care for my loved ones around me. I keep coming back because the individuals in the room are powerful... and the energy in the room is contagious!

How has practicing here at HPY impacted you/life?

In so many ways! I feel like it’s my second home... I feel welcomed, loved, and cared for when I arrive. I feel accomplished, stronger, grounded. My family and colleagues have noted the difference in my language, my affect, my energy. I’ve moved away from the way I look to focus on how I feel and think.

If you could give advise to anyone who is on the fence about yoga, what is the one thing your would say to them to encourage them to go for it?

You, too, can do the Crow pose! All joking aside, I’m all about being curious... just be curious to the message, to what your body and mind are asking for, and just dive in. What have we got to lose? What have we got to gain?

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