Betsy's Incredible Yoga Story

Betsy HPY student

What is it that keeps you coming back to Homegrown Power Yoga?

This place is different and I feel safe to just be me. Every time I take a class, I leave with a new understanding of myself... this is usually a small and simple thing, and yet it is significant to me. And so this is helping me work through my “not good enough” thoughts that keep me from doing the things that I want to do to take care of myself. Here’s an example of what this looks like: “I can’t go to class because my toenail polish is chipping.” And then I make it to class anyway, but the dialogue in my mind keeps going. And then I realize I’m taking class, but I’m not really trying. And then an “aha” moment of recognition happens and the dialogue shifts to “Wow, really Betsy? You are trying to hide your feet because you are embarrassed that your toenails are not painted?!? How is that working for you? Maybe it’s time to let that go...” This allows for another way of doing things - another choice. And sometimes I respond to that in the first three minutes of class or in my stubbornness, I might respond and shift my approach at the 59th minute. Either way, there is freedom in this understanding and in the letting go.

How has practicing here at HPY impacted you/life?

I come from some pretty rough places, and then have spent the past 20 years working with people and communities that experienced different levels of trauma. The cumulative effects of this on my body and mind led me to having unrealistic expectations of always trying to do more and that nothing was good enough. The sense of community I feel at HPY has helped me believe the fact that I am excellent just the way that I am, with what I have offer, as long as I “show-up.” And show-up in the way that I am able, even when the conditions are not exactly how I’d like them to be... from small things like having my toenails painted; well into the big things that completely change our lives. What comes side-by-side with this is integrity and accountability. I am practicing being honest and accountable with and to myself. It’s not easy, but I am having fun with becoming strong from the inside out.

If you could give advise to anyone who is on the fence about yoga, what is the one thing your would say to them to encourage them to go for it?

Come as you are. I didn’t imagine that I would be doing yoga yet alone join a place, and here I am! This past January I sprained my ankle badly. I showed-up anyways and stayed down on my knees for five weeks before I could stand. I’ve seen others in jeans, work clothes, whatever they have. The other thing is that sometimes we need to get off the fence. Make the choice to do something for you. If it’s not yoga then that’s O.K., but you won’t know unless you try. And try two classes. If after the second class it’s not giving you what you need, then try something else...You absolutely deserve to find something that works for you, to take care of yourself. You absolutely deserve to bring more freedom and joy into your life.

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