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Alison Adams
HPY Founder and Leader

I remember taking my first yoga class, and I admit, I felt uncomfortable not knowing what I was doing and wished that I knew more. However, it was immediate that I felt the benefit in my body; I felt great! I continued to show up to every yoga class on the schedule at my gym. It was then that the instructor observed my keen interest and invited me to take class with her at an actual yoga studio. Once at the studio I picked up a flyer that said
“40 Days to a Personal Revolution”. Through yoga, meditation and diet you will be given the tools to set yourself free to living a healthful life. Whoa! Is this really possible? This all came at a point in my life where I was far from feeling free, and I was certain if I continued the path I was on, freedom and a healthful life were not in my future. I signed up. The program radically changed my life. It was from this uncomfortable beginning that my life took a whole new direction.

"The point I want you to hear is you are ready now!"

The classes we teach at Homegrown Power Yoga are for you; they do not require that you are flexible, or that you know the poses. The classes we lead are for regular people just like you who want to heal their body, feel more energetic and be the best version of yourself they can be. As soon as you begin, the benefits will start to become clear and the more you practice the more fulfilled you will become.

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