Make your employees yoga happy with our corporate package!

Corporate discount 25%

We all acknowledge we live in a fast paced world. We can easily fill our days with a million to dos. Often adding stress, overworking, working inefficiently, and our overall can interfere with our productivity, creativity and overall performance in the workplace and our lives.

Great news there is a really simple solution! What if you were to offer your employees the benefits of yoga?

The practice of yoga works to relieve physical tension, mental stress and leaves each person happier, healthier and generally more prepare to show up to the workspace clear.

Here at HPY we are excited to offer a corporate package. A corporate package would allow your employees, members, clients even your friends to share a class packages and attend any class in the HPY schedule.

We can customize any package to fit your unique needs.

Please call 540-454-1670 or email to discuss all options.