Hear from our students

“Great Studio, Teachers, Atmosphere. Welcoming. Owner appreciates all Levels and adjusts to you and where you are in your practice.”

– Jack

Alison is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the HPY family.”

– Victoria

“A beautiful studio! Allison is a knowledgeable and positive teacher. Her classes are challenging and the community is warm.

– Amber

It's different here... I learn something new (or old) about myself every time.”

– Betsy

“I’ve been going to Homegrown Power Yoga since March 2017. In that time I’ve seen the growth of the inspiring and welcoming community. Alison has created a beautiful space for anyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. The classes are challenging but accessible. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great yoga practice with a fantastic community!

– Susie

“A year ago tomorrow I found my way into the attic studio of Homegrown Power Yoga... I hadn’t gone prior, as it was shared it may be too hard, too hot, etc. I had seen the ad for the 30 day challenge - figured checking it out before diving was a good idea. It began that day and continues now. I was welcomed in, modified my practice as appropriate. Finding this practice, this teacher - Alison Adams, and this community at Homegrown Power Yoga supported my healing and life challenges just in time. HPY provides an experience of community, exploration, healing, and love. Show up - every week, every day... just show up. Do it for you. This practice is for everyBODY! Yes, it is warm temperature and the class can be challenging regardless of years on mat, strength, etc. It is also a community filled with warmth that welcomes you in and asks where you’ve been when you’ve not been there. Alison’s art of facilitating your journey on the mat is a proven practice that allows you to grow and explore every day - on your mat, in the studio and outside in the world. Alison’s amazing energy, authenticity and vulnerability in sharing reminds us all how this practice serves each of us and the community around us. HPY’s new studio space immediately welcomes you in - allowing you to immediately begin to feel the benefits of this community. Yoga is the framework and foundation for my life and my business... I now send my clients to HPY, as a key foundation element of their coaching. Thank you Alison and the HPY team!”

– Janet

“Great studio! Very welcoming for a beginner! The space is gorgeous too”

– Nathan

“The yoga experienced at this studio will push your mental and physical balance in challenging and rewarding ways Alison has created a warm, inviting space that is all about connection, with her, the community and yourself. She is encouraging and knows when you can push a little more. I leave the studio feeling stronger in body and mind!

– Kesha

“I’ve had the pleasure to be in a few classes (so far) and I feel good going in and great when I leave. It’s a great mix of positive push and a feel of community. Alison is observant and guides us with slight corrections during postures that really make a difference! I’m hooked.

– April

“Alison is the best. This is a safe spot to push yourself more than you knew you wanted to and to walk out feeling amazing.

– Frances

“I’ve been hesitating signing up for classes for various reasons for a while but I finally went to her 6:30 Monday night class and it was awesome! The studio is cozy and comfortable and Allison’s instructions were great. She’s motivating while not being too pushy. I will definitely be practicing at Homegrown Yoga for a long time. Thanks Allison!”

– Michelle

“Alison Adams is an amazing yoga instructor, and her classes emulate her passion and love for a powerful self through vinyasa yoga practice. Come check it out. You won't regret it!

– Alissa

“Alison and her studio are amazing -- welcoming, open and most important supportive. Her classes are tough but her coaching is far from that. She is honest, genuine and caring. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived - mentally and physically. The other attendees seem to be like-minded. I love the vibe there!

– Lily

“Alison is an amazing teacher. She absolutely practices what she teaches. I feel awesome both physically and mentally after a class with her. I highly recommend taking a class here. She has made this her baby and it's obvious how much love has gone into creating Homegrown Yoga!

– Lacey

“Alison Adams is truly one of a kind. She is an amazing person in and outside of the yoga studio. Her yoga practice will challenge your mind, your body, your soul. It will take you to places you never thought you could go. It’s kind of like opening a can of Pringles, once you “yoga with Alison” you can’t stop. I couldn’t be more thrilled for Alison and Homegrown Power Yoga. It’s going to be epic.”

– Shannon

“I have had the pleasure of taking Alison’s classes over the past five years.  She is a truly gifted teacher and does an amazing job of breaking down her classes in a methodical playful way so that it is easy to understand and follow. Alison does a great job of weaving intention in every posture. She speaks to its purpose, and how it relates to life off the mat.  She offers modifications in the majority of the sequences she leads us through which makes her classes accessible to everyone. If you have the opportunity to practice with Alison, do not pass it up!

– Vera

“When I started with Homegrown yoga I had been practicing for 7 years and was feeling burnt out. Joining this community helped to rekindle my love of yoga. What I love most about this Homegrown is that Alison takes the time to get to know every student personally and challenges them individually. Whether I am having a great week and feel strong and flexible or I am feeling run down and stiff I can walk into Alison's class knowing the practice will be challenging yet achievable. Over the past 8 months of working with Alison my physical body has changed and I am now regularly practicing poses I never thought possible (hello splits!). Homegrown has helped me to be the best version of myself, whatever happens to be showing up that day. I am truly grateful for Alison and for all that this practice has brought into my life.

– Laura

“I stumbled into yoga. And as luck would have it, one of my first classes was led by Alison Adams. Alison is an amazing teacher simply put. She has a grace and ease with her students that is evident immediately. Her belief in the power and benefits of yoga is genuine and real. While Alison’s command of the discipline is vast, her welcoming nature makes for an extremely positive and open class environment. She, too, sees the strength and potential in all who attend–from the most practiced yogi to the weekend novice (like myself). Alison fosters a shared community; one where each person contributes to the energy of the collective; one of genuine (and literal) support; one of love; and one where each person learns and practices patience and kindness with himself or herself. With Alison’s help I consistently push myself to new limits each class. I revel in the familiar, the challenging, and the special twist each class provides me. I love to start my Sunday off right: coffee and the newspaper followed by some serious power yoga, set to a killer playlist alongside the hum, rattle, and aroma of a local brewery!”

– Terri

“HPY combines the accessibility and intent of the Baptiste flow with the comfort of a small local community. Alison brings love and honesty to every class she teaches. Her energy makes everyone feel welcome and alive! I’m so happy that the #homegrowngoodness is growing! It’s truly organic and amazing!”

– Emily

“Alison Adams’ experience, energy and enthusiasm as a yoga teacher was life changing and life saving for me. When I came to yoga with a chronic and life-threatening illness, Alison was one of the handful of teachers who taught and showed me the power of yoga to change your life for the better. Six years later, I’m healthy in all aspects of life thanks to the path she guided me on. She is a gift to all her students no matter what they bring to the mat in terms of yoga experience and life experience.

– Scott

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